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Hernia Repair

A ‘hernia’ is a defect in one or more layers of the abdominal that allows protrusion of the internal contents through the defect.

Gallbladder Surgery

The gallbladder stores bile, so if needed, it can be safely removed with few long term consequences.

Bowel Surgery

There are multiple indications for bowel surgery, from freeing up scar tissue internally to bowel resection.

Skin Lesion and Ingrown Nail Excisions

Skin lesions often require biopsy and excision, and can often be done under local anaesthetic

Pilonidal Disease

A pilonidal sinus refers to a tract caused by the burrowing of hair and debris, causing repetitive infections

Perianal Conditions

A range of conditions, from haemorrhoids (piles) to anal fissures can be treated with minor procedures.

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Ms. Tracey Hardy

Ms. Tracey Hardy

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